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Iquitos is a beautiful city full of heartbreak and abuse. We need more people dedicated to supporting and encouraging the kids to break the cycle. While we cannot change the family dynamics now (we can only pray), we can give the current generation a safe place to heal and grow. Hopefully, inspire them to be different from all the other examples they have.

We cannot change the city, but they can, and you can be a part of encouraging them to step up and do better for the next generations.

Our mission as staff:


Be a safe place

Most of our ministry events are focused on FUN. We try to give the kids a happy place to relax, be kids, and enjoy the community we've grown into.


Give opportunities

We love doing crafts, inspiring the kids to be creative, read books (which they don't have access to because there are no libraries in the city), and teach them English!


Create creative lessons

A large part of our work hours are dedicated to doing all the admin and planning parts of a ministry! Every year we try to approach things in a fun, creative, and relatable way to help the kids grow in their relationships with Christ!


Be a listening ear

Sometimes the kids just want to talk about their day, share about school, and tell us what's going on at home. They just want to know someone cares enough to listen.


Support their dreams

There are a couple older teens in our ministry who are starting to think about the future. We love supporting those dreams, and encouraging them to pursue what they love!


Praying for Iquitos

While we work with the kids, our heart is to see more people rise up who want to help pour into this city. Our heart is for the city.

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