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Want to get involved?

Financial support is the best way to pour into our ministry. With your reoccurring or one time donations we are able to live here and dedicate our time to the ministry. Your support covers all the weekly costs of ministry like: transport, snacks, craft supplies, outings with the kids, and materials needed for lessons. Your support helps us celebrate the kids' birthdays and holidays. Even $10 dollars a month greatly impacts our ministry.

However, there are many other important and impactful ways you can get involved! Keep reading to see how else you can get involved.

Visit Us!

Whether you're wanting to come on a mission trip, do an internship, or just visit us for a week, we would love for you to come and experience the ministry! Learn more at our visit page!

Start a Pen Pal!

It takes awhile for us to receive letters, but the kids LOVE to receive letters. If you have kids, or know of a kid that would love to get involved in our pen pal program let us know! If you want to reconnect with the kids you met during the mission trip, this program is for you. If you just want to encourage our kids and let them know the RSD community is larger than our staff here, join this program!

Send a care package!

Address it to: 

Jonathan Yerty

Apartado Postal #155

Iquitos, Loreto, Peru


Care packages are a great way to connect with the kids! Here is a list of fun things you can send: 

  • Snacks 

  • Craft supplies (stickers, yarn, jewelry making materials, colored pencils, pens, glitter, sequins, craft sets, holiday crafts, etc...) 

  • Party supplies for birthdays or holidays

  • Christmas presents or birthday gifts

  • Costumes or clothes

Just be sure to send things that will not break, leak, or otherwise damage the other items being sent. Always be sure that it is safe to send the items you're intending to put into the care package. Weight can really add to the cost of a care package so be sure to check out that out at your local post office!

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