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Summer Internship

Come experience working with our ministry!



A summer internship can last for a month to three months! This gives you time to create relationships with the kids, learn about how we do ministry in RSD, and get to know the city.


We love our interns to experience different aspects of ministry. You will have time to learn some Spanish (if you don't already speak it), see the various ministry areas, and discover if you want to stay here longer!



Whether you only come for an internship or are looking into staying long-term, you will impact the kids and encourage them with your time spent here! 

Get in Touch

Costs of an internship vary depending on the time of year you come (which effects airfare and rental costs) and for how long you want your internship to be. 

Send us a message and we can chat about the possibility of an internship!

Thanks for submitting!

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