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the lives of these kids!

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Let's Change the world

Why do we focus on the kids?

In the city of Iquitos, most people start their families around the age of sixteen. They drop out of school, look for any kind of job, and then try to raise their children. The cycle is never ending. Young families who never got to finish school, or learned anything about finances, make up the majority of our city. 

Nobody has the chance to chase after their dreams, or at least so they believe. Many people's wildest dream is to finish High School, because it seems like such an unattainable goal.

If we can empower the children to have bigger goals for themselves, like getting an education, then we can improve this city. If the children learn how to manage finances in their youth, they can break cycles of poverty. If the children begin to learn other languages and experience other cultures, they can see the areas of this culture that is damaging to them as a society. If the children can dream bigger than finishing High School, then they will raise children who aspire to cure cancer or help bring clean water to the world. 

We focus on the children because they will be the ones to change the world.